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from less lofty heights Billy Thompson Jersey than previously with his

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CORAL SPRINGS — No one had to tell Billy Thompson how long it had been since he became the first Miami Heat player in franchise history.

His knees, his hips, his back and the extra pounds added over the years told him as he descended from less lofty heights Stitched Miami Heat Jerseys than previously with his dunk in his opening game at the 2018 National Masters Championship Basketball Tournament.


It was as if you could see all 30 years Cheap Billy Thompson Jersey in the grimace and trot back to the defensive end.

And still, three decades after being added by the Heat in the 1988 expansion draft, there also was a smile, a lifelong love affair with the game still there after all these years.

It also was exactly what he said Cheap Glen Rice Jersey moments before, in a pregame interview, that he wouldn’t do.

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“I’m just going to have fun,” he said. “I’m not going to do any dunks. I still can now and then when I’m feeling good.”

Turning 55 in December, Thompson, pregame chaplain for the Heat as well as senior pastor at Jesus People Proclaim International Cheap Keith Askins Jersey Church in Deerfield Beach, is spending the week playing for the Explosion entry in the event at the Coral Springs Gymnasium.

The hard part is wrapping his head around how long it had been since he became the first player to join the Heat from that June 23, 1988 expansion draft.

Original Heat forward Billiy Thompson dunks in Masters 55 tournament.

“I can’t believe it,” he said. “I mean, 30 great years. And time flies. Thirty years? It’s hard to count that many numbers in professional basketball and to know that I was the first player picked for that team. Man, it’s something.”

The difference now is Thompson no longer pushes himself to run back on offense and the dunking — save for that one Cheap Meyers Leonard Jersey moment that surprised even himself — has given way to layups delivered with two hands when jumping off both legs.

And that’s when the contractors, accountants, lawyers, salesmen and retirees aren’t reaching in to strip that ball away.

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“I don’t play much at all,” he said. “I look at it a lot. I’m watching the playoffs. I’m actually glad the Heat did well. The championship for them was to make it in the playoffs, and now they’re building and keep going from there.”

This week is the exception, the opportunity to run up and down in the event that last year featured former Louisville coach Rick Pitino in a playing role.

Mostly, Thompson takes in the game as a fan, whether it is after leading pregame chapel at AmericanAirlines Arena or viewing from his Boca Raton home.

“I’m watching all the games,” he said. “When I go to the Heat games, I’m like cringing at certain plays. And sometimes I’m like, ‘I want to get out there. I want to get out there.’ So you never lose it.

“I’m out here because I love the game. I want to just have some fun. A lot of guys here I know, great guys that love the game like I do.”

There had been thoughts of staying with the game in some form, having won NBA championships in 1987 and ’88 under then Los Angeles Lakers coach Pat Riley, who now oversees the Heat.

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But then came a higher calling.

ASK IRA: Is riding this out Pat Riley’s best action?
ASK IRA: Is riding this out Pat Riley’s best action?

MAR 17, 2021 AT 8:35 AM
“Ministry,” he said. “To me, I made that commitment to the Lord to do pastoring. And I felt if it was something locally, I could do something. But nothing opened up then. But even now, I’m looking to go to be an encourager to those young players.”

To say the look of the game at the Master Championship is old school would be an understatement. But Thompson said not to count him among those who insist the game was better in his day.

“It was better in our day in the sense of the physicality,” he said. “They let us play hard. That’s the game on the street. But these guys, they have some talent, the 3-point shooting, the athletic ability is off the chain, especially with the big men shooting the threes, driving. We didn’t see a lot of that. So I enjoy watching those guys do what they do.”

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Thompson said he still comes across former Heat teammates Keith Askins, Glen Rice and Rory Sparrow and inaugural Heat coach Ron Rothstein, but mostly prioritizes his post-basketball commitments.

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It is why it meant being away from his team for Thursday’s game.

“I have a Bible study,” he said. “But they’ll be all right.”

He paused, smiled, and said, “besides, I’m old.”

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Since 2018, Cheap Anthony Carter Jersey has served as the player development coach for the Miami Heat. But his ties to the team go back more than two decades, when he began his NBA career with the Heat in 1999. In between, he played a role in changing the franchise’s fortunes forever.

No, Carter wasn’t a superstar in Miami like Cheap Dwyane Wade Jersey and Cheap LeBron James Jersey were. But without him, the Heat may not have three championships today.

Let’s hop back to the 2002-03 season. Carter, who was 27 years old at the time, wanted to exercise his player option to stay in Miami. Carter averaged 4.1 points while shooting an abysmal 35.6% from the field (and zero percent from three) the season before.

The option, worth $4.1 million, was an obvious choice. There was only one problem: Carter’s agent, Bill Duffy, missed the June 30 deadline to tell the Heat Carter planned to return.

Tom Hauck / Allsport
Instead of getting his $4.1 million, Carter became a free agent. He signed a minimum contract with the San Antonio Spurs, worth about $750,000. On the plus side, Carter only played in five games before the Spurs waived him – a $150,000 per game salary is pretty good.

Still, Carter missed out on a bigger payday. To make things right, Duffy offered Carter $3 million from his own pocket. The two agreed to a repayment schedule, and Duffy delivered the final payment at the end of 2020.

UPDATE: Jan. 12, 5:36 p.m. — The Heat have ruled Leonard out, while Olynyk and Vincent are available. So they’ll have the required 8 players to field a team for Tuesday’s game vs. the Sixers.

The Miami Heat have placed 8 players into health and safety protocols, including Cheap Jimmy Butler Jersey Cheap Bam Adebayo Jersey and Cheap Avery Bradley Jersey. Here’s the full list of players who will be unavailable for Tuesday’s game vs. the Philadelphia 76ers courtesy of Ira Winderman:

Out for Heat for protocols:

— Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) January 11, 2021
So that leaves the Heat with Cheap Tyler Herro Jersey, Cheap Precious Achiuwa Jersey, Cheap Andre Iguodala Jersey, Cheap Duncan Robinson Jersey, Cheap Chris Silva Jersey and Cheap Max Strus Jersey as players who will be available. Cheap Kelly Olynyk Jersey, Cheap Meyers Leonard Jersey and Cheap Gabe Vincent Jersey are considered questionable, so two of those three would need to be available in order for this game to be played.

Meanwhile, the Sixers will be without Seth Curry (covid-19) and Ben Simmons (knee) on Monday vs. the Atlanta Hawks. Tobias Harris, Shake Milton and Matisse Thybulle are also expected to be out Monday with Joel Embiid listed as probable.

Despite the blunder, Carter has remained on good terms with Duffy, saying he understood that sometimes things happen. And Duffy is still an agent today, representing several NBA players, including Luka Doncic, Cheap Goran Dragic Jersey, and Rajon Rondo. In fact, he likely benefited from his act, with other players and coaches seeing him trying to fix things.

With Carter no longer on Miami’s books, Heat president Pat Riley suddenly had extra cap space. He used it to sign Lamar Odom away from the Los Angeles Clippers. The following season, in 2004, Odom was traded — along with Cheap Caron Butler Jersey and Cheap Brian Grant Jersey – to the Los Angeles Lakers for Shaquille O’Neal.

Two years after that trade, O’Neal and Wade led the Heat to its first championship in franchise history. And if you support the butterfly effect, James may have never signed with the Heat in 2010 if they hadn’t won a title a few years earlier.

It’s certainly an interesting hypothetical to consider. And it took almost 20 years, but Carter finally got his money.

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The abbreviated offseason amid the COVID-19 pandemic did not include a summer league or allow for weeks of workouts in the Miami Heat’s player development program. Instead, big man Cheap Precious Achiuwa Jersey began his rookie season just five weeks after the NBA Draft.

Achiuwa, 21, only had two weeks of team practices and two preseason games to prepare for his first regular-season NBA game.

But Achiuwa, who was selected with the 20th overall pick in last month’s draft, is apparently a fast learner because he already looks comfortable in his role off the Heat’s bench, averaging 9.5 points on 72.7 percent shooting, three rebounds and one assist in 16.6 minutes in the first two games of the season. Miami has outscored opponents by 10 points in the 33 minutes Achiuwa has played.

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“He has really improved just in the two weeks that we’ve worked with him,” coach Erik Spoelstra said, with the Heat back at practice Sunday in preparation for Tuesday’s home matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks. “We all can’t imagine how much further he’d be if he had a normal summer league and full summer player development program and September prep. He’s a quick study and he’s very diligent and committed to the work and studying film and getting with the coaches. He picks up things very quickly. That’s probably a skill onto itself.”

What exactly is Achiuwa’s role? It’s similar to the one Heat All-Star center Cheap Bam Adebayo Jersey had as a rookie in the 2017-18 season, when he averaged 6.9 points on 51.2 percent shooting, 5.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 19.8 minutes per game.

Achiuwa’s (6-8, 225) role is to provide energy off of Miami’s bench on both ends of the court. He helps the offense as a solid screener and will score most of his points as an athletic roll man, off offensive rebounds or in transition, and Achiuwa is already a big part of the Heat’s defensive scheme when he’s on the court because of his ability to defend multiple positions.

“I’m here to play winning basketball,” said Achiuwa, who finished Friday’s Christmas Day win over the New Orleans Pelicans with 11 points, three rebounds, two assists and one block in 19 minutes. “Whatever it takes to win games, that’s what I’m down to do. Whatever is asked of me by the coaching staff, that’s what I’m willing to do, 100 percent. That’s what I’m doing. They’ve asked me to do the stuff that I’m doing, and I’m doing it to the best of my abilities.”

Achiuwa has been effective in his role to start the season, with each of his eight made baskets coming from inside the restricted area. He has yet to attempt a shot from outside the paint, as three of his eight makes have came on rolls to the basket and one has come on a second-chance opportunity off an offensive rebound.

Five of Achiuwa’s eight baskets have come on assists from veteran guard Cheap Goran Dragic Jersey, and three of Dragic’s assists have come on pick-and-roll sets with Achiuwa diving to the rim.

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“One of the first times I walked into the facility, he was one of the first guys that said something to me,” Achiuwa said of Dragic. “I think the first thing he actually said was, ‘Hey, I need to work out with you.’ That was the first thing he said the first time he saw me. He was like, ‘We need to work on that pick and roll lob.’ That was the first conversation he ever had with me.

“On the practice court, his seat is right next to mine so we’re always in constant communication. He’s always telling me what to do, angles, reads, stuff like that, just positioning. I really, really appreciate him a lot just because his voice is constantly in my ear.”

Achiuwa’s impressive defensive versatility was on display late in Friday’s win over the Pelicans, as he served as 6-11 center Steven Adams’ primary defender for a few minutes in the fourth quarter and then switched onto 6-6 forward Zion Williamson later in the period.

It’s a very small sample size, but the Heat has posted a quality defensive rating of 97.2 with Achiuwa on the court to begin the season. To put that number into perspective, the Bucks finished last season with the NBA’s top defensive rating at 102.5 points allowed per 100 possessions.

“He’s like a sponge,” Heat center Cheap Meyers Leonard Jersey said of Achiuwa. “He’s very attentive. He wants to be better. He wants to be that versatile player who can guard like Bam, switch pick and rolls, roll to the rim on the offensive end and play above the rim with a guy like Goran and the rest of our guards. So I think that if he keeps it simple, he’s going to be just fine.”

For now, it seems like Achiuwa has earned himself a consistent role in the Heat’s rotation as a rookie. How? In large part because he knows his role.

And it helps to be playing as part of a second unit that includes experienced veterans like Cheap Andre Iguodala Jersey, Cheap Avery Bradley Jersey and Dragic. The four-man combination of Achiuwa, Bradley, Dragic and Iguodala was a plus-9 in the 11 minutes they played together Friday.

“It’s a great luxury, particularly with that unit, that he can lean on the veteran experience of Goran, Avery, Andre, who are super-high IQ players on both ends of the court,” Spoelstra said. “And they communicate. And they can talk him into spots, and tell him where to go, what to do, and where he can just play to his strengths right now.”

Spoelstra said after Sunday’s practice that there’s no new update on Heat All-Star wing Cheap Jimmy Butler Jersey injured ankle. After playing 16 first-half minutes, Butler missed the second half of Friday’s win over the Pelicans because of right ankle stiffness.

“I don’t have an update today,” Spoelstra said. “We’ll just continue to get him treatment, and then we’ll put together a plan.”

The Heat will practice again Monday before hosting the Bucks on Tuesday as part of a two-game back-to-back “series” against Milwaukee that ends with another matchup between the two teams on Wednesday at AmericanAirlines Arena. Butler’s status for those game has yet to be determined, with more clarity expected Monday when the Heat is required by the NBA to issue a 5:30 p.m. injury report.

Butler tweaked his right ankle during Wednesday’s season-opening loss to the Orlando Magic.

“Each situation is different,” Spoelstra said when asked whether the Heat will take a cautious approach with Butler. “Each player and each injury, and you want to treat it with most intelligent response. I thought that was a no-brainer the other night. And then we’ll just see how his body responds with these days of treatment.”